Monday, 21 January 2013

Paris Fashion Week AW 2012....Jemma

Australian model  Jemma Baines (Next), Paris, March 2012.

Edit: Did not recognise Jemma in this outfit!! Thank you to Kate@GlossyPages for helping me out again! (Not sure of her name or what show this was after, but I adore her low-slung beanie and fluffy jumper).


  1. Jemma Baines, Adelaide/Australian model! In love with this jumper/vest and monochrome look!
    X KATE

  2. @Kate - omg! Seriously!! I never would have known that was Jemma! I just posted other photos of her last night! Will put down her name when I have access to a computer! I am an idiot! Thanks again Kate!!

  3. that hat was made for her! great shots of an epic outfit.

    xx hannah

  4. Wow! I love her purse, anyone know what kind it is. Also have to say i love your blog, just found it. Thanks for all the great pics. Teresa

  5. No worries totally welcome Vanessa! She looks unrecognizable all rugged up! easily mistaken :) X

  6. @Joy - love a low slung beanie! Good to hide under and also keeps your ears toasty warm!

    @Hannah - Agreed! It fits her like a glove (or a well-fitted beanie ;))

    @Anon- Hi Anon, um, I am not sure about Jemma's bag. Hopefully someone will come along and let you know!

    @Kate - you have an eagle eye! I honestly would not have recognised her unless you had said.

  7. It would be crazy easy to knit your own version of this fabulous hat. Try Stephanie Pearl McPhee's An Unoriginal Hat pattern using Cascade's Magnum in Black , or go with The Purl Bee's Chunky Cable Hat using Purl Soho's Super Soft Merino in Soft Black.